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Create a Class

Looking for a group class but need a different day or time than what we currently offer? Make your own! The best part is that everyone in the class is someone you know and enjoy spending time withyou'll have so much fun you will forget you're even exercising!

These classes are great for groups of friends who are trying to get into shape together; for pregnant women and new moms looking to get back into shape; for athletes or sports teams wanting to improve their competitiveness; for bridal parties wanting to walk down the aisle as fit as possible; for birthdays or special occasions; and for beginners who are looking for a way to ease back into exercise slowly and privately.

How it works: You get together a small group of people (6 people max.) and decide what type of class you would like, what day and what time works for all of you. You then email or call the studio and we'll set it up.

Here are some ideas for classes:


Sculpt your way to a new body! This class incorporates resistance training and cardiovascular endurance training by using weights, medicine balls, BOSU balance trainers and more for a complete body workout. Bring a bottle of water and be prepared to sweat.

Group Reformer/Wunda Chair

These classes always sell out because people LOVE them. Getting a group together is a fun, economical way to try out the Pilates machines. If no one in your group has ever done Pilates before this is a great way for everyone to learn the fundamentals and get a great workout at the same time.

Pre- and Post-natal Classes

Moms have special needs and concerns that can't always be addressed in regular group classes. Studies show that staying active while pregnant is beneficial for mom and baby and can even ease labor. Plus getting back into shape as soon as possible after birth eases physical and mental stress for mom.

Pilates Mat

The system we now know of as "Pilates" originated in the floor exercises Joseph Pilates dubbed  "Contrology." This class can follow the guidelines of a traditional Pilates Mat workout suitable for all fitness levels, and we can add various small apparatuses to the class, such as the Magic Circle, elastic bands, or physio-balls to create a more challenging workout.

All classes are 50 minutes in length.


$100/class, split among your group (plus tax)