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Fitness Training

Is a personal trainer right for you? Consider this: a personal trainer provides you with the motivation you need to get started. Making appointments with your trainer that you have to keep helps keep you on track, and you have someone to answer your questions and support/motivate you through any setbacks. 

 Our personal trainers create individualized programs just for you. What are the right exercises for your body type and your goals? A personal trainer will help you figure out this important first step. Confused by all of the diets and gimmicks that are floating around these days? We can help you figure out the best way to lose weight and make the strength and fitness goals that you have.

Efficiency is important. You have a busy life and need to get a lot done in a little time. Our personal trainers help you focus on results and stop wasting your time doing inefficient workouts. A personal trainer has a plan and will help you get maximum results in minimum time.

Learning how to do exercises properly will help you avoid injury now and in the future. Ever wonder why there are so many knee/hip/back injuries out there? Those injuries can result from improper technique, done repeatedly and taking their toll on the body. We teach you how to do things right and give you techniques to take with you into everyday life.

We believe in a functional style of training that helps develop the core muscles and provides stability in everyday movements. We use free weights, medicine balls, balance disks, BOSU trainers, bands and cords to create fun, challenging and rewarding workouts without the glare of a typical gym setting. We don't believe you have to kill yourself, throw up, or tear up your body to get a good workout; on the contrary, we believe that treating your body right all the time will set you up for better rewards in the future. Don't want to be that senior citizen with an aching back? Think about that now.

At Young Pilates and Fitness, all classes are taught by certified professionals who have worked with everyone from athletes to new moms and who know what it takes to get and stay fit.

All personal training sessions are by appointment and last 50 minutes. Class cards expire in 90 days. 24-hour notice required for all cancellations. In order to respect everyone's tranquility in the studio and to avoid accidents or harm, please leave your lovely little ones and pets at home. Sorry but we cannot make any exceptions. Thank you.


Private Sessions
Single Session: $70
Package of 5: $325 ($65/session)
Package of 10: $600 ($60/session)

Partner Sessions
Single session: $45
Package of 5: $200 ($40/session)
Package of 10: $350 ($35/session)