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MONDAY *Class descriptions are below
12:00pm Pilates Equipment  
5:30pm Pilates Equipment  
6:30pm Pilates Equipment  
7:30pm Pilates for Men  
11:00am Pilates Equipment
5:30pm Intro to Pilates Reformer
6:30pm Pilates Equipment Book Now
7:00am  Pilates Equipment
4:30pm Pilates for Seniors  
6:30pm Pilates Equipment  
11:00am Pilates Equipment
6:30pm Pilates Equipment  
7:00am Pilates Equipment  
7:30-8am Express! Fitness  
9:00am Pilates Equipment  

Class Descriptions:

Intro to Pilates Equipment: All of our classes require previous experience on the machines, and this class is required for anyone new to working on the Pilates equipment.

Pilates for Men: This workout is designed especially for the male body. In this class we work on correcting tight hamstrings, tight/weak low back and weak abdominals. Joe Pilates trained elite police and military forces, and we bring his original aesthetic to this updated class.

Pilates Equipment: Our most versatile class includes Reformers, Wunda Chair, Springboards and more for a fun and effective workout. Please be injury free for this format.

Pilates for Seniors: This class focuses on developing and maintaining strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and more. No experience required.


Please note: All classes are $30 and by appointment only. Previous experience on the machines is necessary for everyone's safety. 24-hours notice required for all cancellations; any changes to a reservation after this time will result in a charge of $30 which is equal to the cost of one class. In order to respect everyone's tranquility in the studio and to avoid accidents or harm, please leave your lovely little ones and pets at home. Sorry but we cannot make any exceptions. Thank you.

Don't see the class you're looking for? Create your own here! We offer many different types of classes not listed on our regular schedule which can be created at a day and time that work for you.